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Optiphi Active Range

True Skin Rejuvenation

Are you serious about your skin health?  The Optiphi Active Range contains a synergy of active ingredients that promote homeostatic balance, address skin concerns and ensure a youthful skin appearance. These products may only be ordered following analysis by your skin care specialist and should not be used without professional guidance.

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Optiphi Classic Range

Everyday Skin Treatment

The Classic Range is a premium skin care range that focuses primarily on restoring the moisture and mineral balance in most skin types. These products are often paired with the Active Range or used individually for treatment of sensitive skin types. Ingredients include high quality antioxidants, vitamins and minerals all pH balanced and without harmful colourants and perfumes.

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Optiphi Body Curve Range

Indulge Yourself

Luxurious spa-quality pampering products for your home. These Body Curve products make great gifts and are loved by many. Our favourites include the Body Curve Stretchmark Therapy and the Body Curve Solar Shield SPF50.

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